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Dan Renaldo

Boss Man

Dan aka Boss Man, is the heart of the shop. Dan has been in the industry for over 25 years. So Cal Impressions is a result of his vision. Growing up in San Clemente, the surf and skate culture was all around him. With all that inspiration around him , he decided to make his very own brand named Elixir Mastermind. He started making watch bands that were surfer friendly and cool to wear. Then he went on to tees and apparel. He learned and studied the process of making tees and ran with it. After working for various shops and helping people make their businesses successful, Dan decided it was time to do his own thing. So Cal Impressions was established in 2005. Dan and his wife Lisa came together to create what you see today. They both compliment each other so well and is one of the main reasons this business has been successful. Dan loves to inspire personal growth and teaches us to never be afraid to push yourself to uncomfortable spaces of breakthrough. He treats everyone here like family including our customers. In his off time, he loves to BBQ and help cook tasty meals with his wife. Growing up in So Cal, Dan has done a lot of action sports. Skateboarding, surfing, body surfing, etc. these days its mainly body surfing. Dan is a great leader and is always there for his crew. We all appreciate him and are very happy working for him and being part of the So Cal Impressions Team.

Lisa Renaldo

Boss Lady

Lisa is Co-Owner of So Cal Impressions. She and Dan went all in, in 2005. They took the risk not knowing how risky it could be, and 17 years later, we are here and thriving! After a big career change and having a baby, Lisa started doing the book keeping here at So Cal Impressions, since then has learned so many aspects of the industry. She is responsible for all the orders that come through our shop. She is the first person you will talk to when placing your order. She will help you through the process and give you the best possible experience. Working with customers, Lisa has learned that it is much more than just ink on cotton, it’s more of a sense of community, loyalty, and creativity that has no boundaries. Lisa had a background in Human Resources and Business Administration. So, with Lisa handling the customers and all the business side of the company, she perfectly compliments Dan who has the knowledge and know how of our industry. They are truly a Dynamic Duo! Lisa and Dan are both So Cal Natives, they have lived in San Diego, Poway, Carlsbad, Point Loma, La Jolla and San Clemente and they met in Del Mar. This helped seed the name “So Cal Impressions” for the business! When asked about her philosophies in life, she gave us two that her father gave to her. “Destiny is the result of our daily behavior” and also, “Plan your work then work your plan.”

Steven Gomez

Graphic Artist

Steven has been with So Cal Impressions for 15 years now. He came in with no experience and now knows almost every aspect of the business. From day one he was excited about the creativity and science in the screen print industry. He started as a shop helper and now is the graphic artist of the shop. Customers come to us with ideas of what they want, and Steven makes it happen. His personal philosophy is to find the good in everything, try your hardest to not dwell on the negatives and try to live your life positive. When he is not working he likes to be with his family, make people laugh, play video games and watch basketball. Steven has always loved being creative,  growing up he was a hip hop dancer, choreographer and also mixed music. Steven feels that art is a great way to express yourself and also rewarding when the customer is happy with there product.

Angel Lopez

Head Press Operator

Angel Lopez has been in the So Cal Impressions family for 11 years now. He brings over 20 years of experience in Screen Printing. He is our head printer but also is capable to do anything in regards to production here at the shop. If you need it done quick and at high quality, Angel is the man. His philosophy is to respect others, take care of family, and to enjoy whatever you are doing in everyday life. Angel is a huge sports fanatic, his teams are the Chargers, Padres, and Lakers. He is also one of our best corn hole players. He holds the record for most corn holes made in our shop. When he’s not working, he likes to spend time with family, go out dancing or just relax at home. Angel is a hard worker and a very reliable person, we are truly blessed to have him be apart of our family.

Alyssa Sepulveda

Head Embroiderer

Alyssa is our Head Embroider at the shop. She has been with us for 10 years now. Her attention to detail and love for what she does, sets her apart from the competition. She believes Life is unpredictable, so be grateful for every moment. Her personal philosophy is “Live and let God!” Alyssa loves Mexican food, Baseball, and Dance. Her favorite athlete is her son and her favorite dancer is her daughter. She loves watching her son play baseball and watch her daughter dance. Spending time with family & friends is a must! Alyssa has lived in Menifee her whole life but was born in Anahiem because it was the closest hospital at that time.

Kyle Appel

Press Assistant

Kyle Appel has worked for So Cal Impressions for about 4 years now. Some of his responsibilities include catching the garments off the dryer, counting in the garments and making sure the garments are at top notch quality. He also helps prep in various areas of the shop. Whether it be weeding material for heat pressing, reclaiming screens for print, or packaging jobs for shipping. Kyle’s philosophy is to stay the course. No matter how difficult the task, always see it through. Kyle likes video games, spicy foods, tattoos and the Dallas Cowboys. When Kyle not working, you can see him at the beach or beating most of us in corn hole on Fridays.

Gilbert Del Real


Gilbert has been with us for about 7 years. He is one of our embroiderers here at the shop. He also helps out wherever needed, and is also our head BBQ chef whenever we get a chance to grub and chill. Gilbert loves all types of foods and loves the Chargers. Born in Mexicali but raised in Imperial Valley Calipatria, Gilbert says destiny landed him in Temecula Valley. When he’s not working you can find him at the gym or spending time with his family. Gilbert is a pleasure to have here at So Cal Impressions, always making people laugh and always willing to help you out when needed.

Nathan Renaldo

Shop Helper

Nathan is the newcomer of the shop. He helps us keep our receiving area cleaned and ready for parcel delivery. He also will help in any way we need him. Being the son of the owners, So Cal Impressions is in his blood! Nate loves music and always has the best suggestions for songs or bands. Nate likes funny movies and spending time with his family. Nate would always visit the shop as a youngster. Its so awesome seeing him around the shop now, we can’t wait to see him grow and learn more aspects of the business. Nate is a senior in high school, Go Class of 2022!

Bree Ihnotic

Bree has been with So Cal Impressions for about 2+ years now. If you call into the shop, you will most likely hear her voice on the other end. Bree not only greets the customers and helps them in anyway needed, but also helps us with ordering garments for each job, and also checking them in to make sure its all good. Bree’s philosophy is to be bold and have big dreams. She loves seafood, outdoor activities, and her family. On her off time she loves to hang with friends and family, and also loves to go line dancing. Bree has been a great addition to our team, she tackles any task given to her and does it with a smile.

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