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Dan aka Boss Man, is the heart of the shop. Dan has been in the industry for over 25 years. So Cal Impressions is a result of his vision. Growing up in San Clemente, the surf and skate culture was all around him. With all that inspiration around him , he decided to make his very own brand named Elixir Mastermind. He started making watch bands that were surfer friendly and cool to wear. Then he went on to tees and apparel. He learned and studied the process of making tees and ran with it. After working for various shops and helping people make their businesses successful, Dan decided it was time to do his own thing. So Cal Impressions was established in 2005. Dan and his wife Lisa came together to create what you see today. They both compliment each other so well and is one of the main reasons this business has been successful. Dan loves to inspire personal growth and teaches us to never be afraid to push yourself to uncomfortable spaces of breakthrough. He treats everyone here like family including our customers. In his off time, he loves to BBQ and help cook tasty meals with his wife. Growing up in So Cal, Dan has done a lot of action sports. Skateboarding, surfing, body surfing, etc. these days its mainly body surfing. Dan is a great leader and is always there for his crew. We all appreciate him and are very happy working for him and being part of the So Cal Impressions Team.

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