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Lisa is Co-Owner of So Cal Impressions. She and Dan went all in, in 2005. They took the risk not knowing how risky it could be, and 17 years later, we are here and thriving! After a big career change and having a baby, Lisa started doing the book keeping here at So Cal Impressions, since then has learned so many aspects of the industry. She is responsible for all the orders that come through our shop. She is the first person you will talk to when placing your order. She will help you through the process and give you the best possible experience. Working with customers, Lisa has learned that it is much more than just ink on cotton, it’s more of a sense of community, loyalty, and creativity that has no boundaries. Lisa had a background in Human Resources and Business Administration. So, with Lisa handling the customers and all the business side of the company, she perfectly compliments Dan who has the knowledge and know how of our industry. They are truly a Dynamic Duo! Lisa and Dan are both So Cal Natives, they have lived in San Diego, Poway, Carlsbad, Point Loma, La Jolla and San Clemente and they met in Del Mar. This helped seed the name “So Cal Impressions” for the business! When asked about her philosophies in life, she gave us two that her father gave to her. “Destiny is the result of our daily behavior” and also, “Plan your work then work your plan.”

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