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Here we have a job where we embroidered an American Flag on one side and a custom name on the other side. Then put an embossed multicolor heat transfer we had made, on the front. Being able to do everything in house is a plus for us. We can control the over all quality of the job, and make sure it’s something the customer will be stoked about. First we embroidered the flag on the side of the hat. Then we add the name on the other side. We were impressed with the look of this, even over the mesh of the trucker style hat. Then the hat was sent to our heat pressing area. Here we organized all the logos and apply a special tape to hold the logo in place on the hat. Now we’re all ready to press it! We were so amazed on how good it looked after. Its always nice when the customer is just as stoked as we are after a job is completed.

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