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Beach Trip

Beach Trip

Took a trip to Carlsbad and it was beautiful as usual. Hearing all the amazing sounds of water hitting the sand, and feeling the cool breeze and ocean air on my face is so wonderful. Also, seeing so much art all over, makes me feel the beach vibes. So many creative people in this world. Its always a pleasure to be inspired by others and also to give respect to these amazing artists and creators. Whether it be the colors and vibrancy of wall art, or a street vendor selling a creative way of displaying their art. It really inspires me to be more creative in my approach to t-shirt designs. One thing I love about my job, is talking with customers and creating what they envision for their garments. It gives you a taste of other peoples creative mindset and helps you grow as an artist. Same for taking a trip to the beach, or the mountains or anywhere else. Look at the world for its beauty and get inspired to do greater things, whether it be something creative or even changing something in your life to make you happy. Let’s be inspired to be greater!




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